“Industry 5.0” and the transformation of the “Civil Society 2.0” into the “Machine Society 1.0”

Don’t think I’m mad when I am taking about “Industry 5.0”. With every revolution people have faced challenges before, during and after every one of them. Briefly explained this is what we have had in each one of them:

  • Industry 1.0: Steam machines and automation.

  • Industry 2.0: Incorporation of the electricity in the industry.

  • Industry 3.0: Automation and robot-driven-processes.

  • Industry 4.0: Interconnection and Internet of Things (IoTs) & big data at industrial scale.

However, are we stopping there? Of course no. In the technological progress where we look for the excellency of better products, improvement of processes and new ways of finding more revenue and a better ROI I am sure the ultimate stage is very near: the total control of productivity and the perfection in the process (or the never ending improvement). This will happen well before the inception of the product. We are progressing continuously in artificial intelligence (AI) and want none-humans (artificial devices) to feel, learn and behave like if they were ones so, by learning from us, they can provide us with a better future. With the current IoTs and the ability to search and find data through the internet machines in the near future will be able to identify, not only what we want now, but define our future desires based on trends and historical data found across different channels.


Taking it one step further (as it could not be any other way) imagine those same machines predicting not just what people want thanks to their interconnection and correlation of data, but learning right from wrong, altering industrial processes in order to change the produce for the benefit of mankind (as far as they would be concerned): Welcome to the “Industry 5.0”. Machines will be ahead of what people demand or even need based on their broad data analysis. As human beings we are already leaving our decisions more and more to the programs that can analyze the data but, will we let them also define and decide how we are to live? Will machines be so efficient and have so much knowledge and ability to make decisions that they will take control over our lives?


To be honest and seeing how we have been behaving during the last centuries from a political and economical international perspective, maybe that would be the best thing that could happen to us: to have someone apolitical and religion-free that could drive our destinies. As history has shown us so many times, when ignorance, lack of knowledge & education, religious and political extremism get on the way nothing good comes out of it. We have had all shape and forms of failures in the last thousands of years but it seems like that the more our society is progressing the more we are endangering our own specie: from Spanish Inquisition to ISIS – Daesh, from Hitler to Trump, from World Wars to local / civil wars that were and are manipulated to hide macro-economical or internal-external political failures.

While the “Civil Society 2.0” (CS2 from now) could be a very good idea if it was for real, the reality is that it is not going to happen or is not happening at all. For those unaware “CS2” is a principle by which large groups are better and smarter than small groups taking decisions, not matter how smart the latter may be. The problem with the society we live in is that people are becoming more and more uneducated, ignorant and less interested on knowledge and current affairs that could make our society progress. Libraries are not longer the center of knowledge they used to be. We have turned our lives into a continuous witnessing of what other people do though the internet and the TV, where stupid programs are all that “common” people long to watch, full of tasteless content where those with the most stupid ideas and those living and trying to impose a “cosmetic” society (only muscles and looks with no brain) or those with just enough brain to kick a ball are the heroes of today.

People watching those programs are, unfortunately, the majority who, at the same time, follow those who shout the most and please them with lies and proposals of a better society based in discrimination, segregation and obscure intentiones (some times greediness or with pretensions to rise in the social ladder in an easier environment such as a controlled and small disatisfied society which, in normal circumstances, would not give them even the time of the day). Everybody knows those will not bring anything good. The discontent easy leaseners will follow those proclaimers bringing easy comfort, regardless of the real outcome if their ideas are put in practice (so then you have the Brexit, the “Trumps”, the independence of Cataluña…you name it). When people and society could be better harvesting people’s knowledge and looking into a common future there are the ones that want to uproar the crisis and the small failures of our society for their own benefit.


Cartoon by the great Pawel Kuczynski

Robots of the future, bright minds that are to come…where are you?


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