12 years in a breeze

Today, 12 years ago, I became a fully certified Cisco CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert). The picture that ilustrates this post shows the plaque received to commemorate my 10 years of CCIE status a couple of years ago.  It was a long and difficult journey which tested me (and especially those around me who supported and encoruage me through out all that time) until that milestone was achieved. Yes, a milestone in life. Often we seek after high goals, which is perfect and should be the way to go. The problem (if you want to call it that way) is that, once you achieve them, you look forward for either higher goals yet or alternatives that fulfill your new aspirations. Normally, once you attain these sort of educational skills (call them diplomas or certifications) those give you access to professional careers and places in the society that, maybe, you never planned.

That was my case. My CCIE gave me access to positions, professions and people in general that I wouldn’t have had access any other way. I started “rubbing elbows” with directors, executives and people that were not so “techie” but rather focused into the strategics of the company. But, if there was something I’d like to mention that changed my life for better, was my opportunity to mingle with people around the world. Being able to work and exchange ideas with people from all backgrounds is what really enriches us. When you see that far beyond any language, color and looks there are people that breath, feel and have a life like the one you may have is when you realize that we are not so different. I think this is what is really needed in a world where it seems that people are happier the closer and knitter their society is, thinking that anything strange or any outsider is a menace. The real menace is not to have an open mind that will let you learn from “sources” that will snatch you out of your comfort zone.

Now more than ever we need people discontented with their status quo. Only those willing to look for something else, enriching their knowledge will transform themselves in better human beings, often transforming inadvertently those around. Think and experience outside your circle!!!! you may fall into a habit of confronting everything you have learned so far to improve what the future may bring.

In the words of Miguel de Unamuno:

To fight racism, travel

To fight fascism, read

Miguel de Unamuno (1864 – 1936) Spanish essayist, novelist, poet, philosopher, professor of “Ancient Greek” and later rector at the “University of Salamanca”

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