Let’s face it: Your marketing strategy stinks

Companies spend millions on marketing campaigns, still many fail to deliver. How many campaigns have delivered nothing to their companies, even worse, have had the opposite results that were expected? I think that while marketing people, in general and in most cases (as nobody is perfect) are brilliant, the titanic effort they put into delivering the messages some times just fails in the basics. Let’s review.

Marketing numbers do not translate into sales

sales-marketingThis is the first mistake that marketing people do…and it is not entirely their fault. The people putting together campaigns have a tendency to be over-optimistic over the real results that the campaign will bring to their company (in sales terms).

As such, their budget goes in proportion to what they are claiming they can produce. Lesson learnt: Do not believe the hype. Marketing has to be there but not at any cost.

Marketing is needed but has to be aligned with the company and their products.

Not everybody is your public

When you have a product you design it with some features, thinking why will be valuable to your customers. You think of a specific customer as your target, you do your analysis and it takes a lot of time and effort to put a product in front of the public. The same should go for marketing.

Most of the publicists take this very seriously, but trying to cover as many people as possible without thinking whether they are the right consumer for you will mean you are wasting time, resources and money on something that will not convert into tangible results. You can always have a very aggressive campaign, but always address the right public.

Address your public using the right channels

You have your product or service and you want to make it present. Firstly, know who your potential customers are and how you can present your products in the most effective way. It is not the same to offer a product to a “millennial” that to offer to a “baby boomer”.

When you are going to offer to a millennial your campaing, this will need to be digital, more on-line as it will be seen on mobiles or tablets. Needeless to say these potential customers demand your services to be very effective, inmeditate and with little room for error. For baby-boomers a more “tradicional” campaign will be as effective. Common points to address: the need to pinpoint what tickles each of them as mixing formats for very specific targets won’t work.


Your campaign suits every product on earth

I have always find certain campaigns very funny but also a total waste of time and money for their respective companies. I bet you have been through the same situation: You are watching the television and an advert comes up…beautiful horses, nice scenaries, evolving music…and then they tell you what the product is right at the end: it could be from a perfume to a suit or a car. Everything could be advertised and anything would suit the format.

I understand that there are periods during the year when marketing companies are under pressure to address their customer’s needs…but this is just silly. You can tell that they are shooting the advert during the year so it can be used with any product when the need for an campaign arises.

Your marketing campaign will be as effective as the love and care you put into creating it, just like with anything in life.

Create expectations…but realistic expectations

Steve Jobs – iPhone Introduction in 2007

If you say your product will do A, B & C I hope it really does it. Fail to deliver and your reputation will be trashed. It does not matter that your product is sold as you can “lie” once, but not twice. Word of mouth is one of those things that can not be controlled, regardless of wheter you fail or succeed, so you’d better get it right.

When you are presenting products that are unheard of or new versions you are creating expectations, which are the most difficult things to control. It is much better NOT to mention all the features than over-presenting capabilities.

Promise and don’t deliver: close your business

As you can see I did not want to talk about digital campaigns, funnel, analytics, market research, multichannel, click-to-call, etc as those are terms, tools and ways to deliver your marketing.

Before deliverying you have to plan…acting without proper planning is soil for frustration and failure.


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