Japan leading the integration and ruling of AI in medicine

Let´s cut to the chase: AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here and we have to deal with it sooner rather than later. It is getting in the way of everything we do in our daily lives and we have to make it clear how we are to deal with it.

While It is obvious that AI will help in every aspect, at the end it is up to us, the humans, how we are to use the advantages that will be provided with this technology at our disposal. If we talk about technology it comes as no surprise that Japan have the handle at this. One of the main advantages of using AI is in medicine as it can help gathering and providing guidance on so many different aspects. However, final word will not be on the machines and their AI. Decitions will rest on doctors.

I found the following article very interesting (courtesy of Nikkei Asian Review). If you want to read a bit more about this so interesting matter, click below.


New rules to speed AI-based medicine in Japan


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