No-deal Brexit??? No worries, Amazon is stocking all available food space.

As I always say:

Control the situation before the situation controls you

I find it interesting how there has been so much talk about Brexit but very little action by goverments, specially the British goverment, until the last few weeks. It seems that everything sped up in an attempt to make it look to the general public that agreements had been reached. While 27 members of the EU managed to sign the exit-agreement the English goverment (Ms.May and her usual suspects) seems like they are on their own: they dont have the back up of the public, dont have the back up of their own party and dont have the back up of the opposition. I can not see how the agreement signed in Brussels the last 25th November is going to go through in the UK parlament this coming December.

Having said that, everybody at both sides of the English channel must prepare for a highly possible no-deal. In this situation only those who prepared in advance may just be fine. On this side of the channel the situation will be, more or less, fine. 27 countries backing each other (at least, in theory) will be able to sort out the situation. However, I can not say the same about the UK. Rumour has it that there are companies getting ready for a “war-like” situation where supplies may not be available. As such only the prepared ones will be fine under the unknown, and this is the case of Amazon. Apparently they have already booked all available frozen space in the UK should the inevatable happen. As in any free market and as a basic law of economics, the demand and supply theory will allocate resources. The problem is if people demand and the supply is only available through a single supplier, guess what is going to happen with prices?

Are you sure you are ready for Brexit???

If you want to read more about this there is an article at The Guardian. Worth reading it:

No-deal Brexit: Amazon blamed for lack of food warehouse space




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