Huawei and the fear it causes in others

Much is being talked about how Huawei is developing their technologycal strategy to conquer the world. I would say that they are progressing offering much better products at unbeatalbe prices while other contenders just slept in their laurels thinking nobody would challenghe them. Now they realize they have to do something or will miss the future trains: from 5G to AI solutions can be found looking into the Chinese company while the old Ericsson, Nokia and the likes can not keep pace as they have so much to catch up with…so those companies (not necessarily the aforementioned) resort to the old tricks of “security reasons”, etc so they can still get a bite in the pie. As you can imagine (and it has always been the same) the real reason behind is simply monetary.

This is specially true when American companies try their best to access some markets or fear that they will not have the expusere they wish. There is a lot money involved so the best thing to do is to tell the US allies that the “Chinese” are the bad boys and that Huawei will get all your information should you use their technology…funny enough when Apple, Facebook and Google manage most user data than anybody in the world and they have had no issues in the past to use that data for commercial, marketing, research, political and economical purposes…but then it was fine, they are American companies and they area policing the world…enough said.

…and in case you are thinking this is all fine since it is a Chinese company and they have nothing to do with you, dont think you are safe. Should you have something different to offer or be your company in the way of their interests, chances are that you will start being the problem as well.

There is a very interesting article in the Spanish newspaper “El Pais” where you can get more details.

For those none-Spanish speakers here you have a “Google-translated” link for the same news:



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