The equality race between men and women: Football wins

I sadly dont find it surprising when I read the news and see that there is such a big difference on how men and women are treated at all company levels. A prestigous paper in a recent article was mentioning the low number of women making it to the top (i.e. CEO level). Think of the biggest companies in the world and  you could count “white collar woman executives” with the fingers of one hand.

This is something that takes place in our society and while just over a hundred years ago women were given the right to vote they had their way cut to access to education, “allowing” them to enter and study in the more “traditional” careers just a few years ago. There are not many female engineers and probably not because they would not like to be engineers but because the fact that their parents were educated in a way where discrimination based on gender was happening and, unconstienly, this burden was passed onto their daughters.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. If we want women to be treated equally this must happen in all scenarios of our lives: from schools to industries, from private to public life, everything has to be shifted towards equality… and there isn´t a worst place where women have been more diminished than sports. Treating female sports as inferior has been something happening until now. I am glad to see that female sports are taking more and more space of the public space and people are starting to give it their fair share on interest. Yesterday night something great happen: more than 48.000 people (48.121 people to be precise) attended a female football match last night in Bilbao (Spain).

Something is happening in our society when this is starting to happen. Yes, it is true that it is unusual and that is the reason to make the headlines in the news, but it is a good beginning. We should demand more and more news like this so we would make the interest, to start with, something normal. I am not asking to break attendance records, I am just asking to know what is going on. By knowing we will have information as currently we are clueless whether there is someone (female) that can break into the “traditional” men´s world. Again, this is not about thinking we are missing great female footballers that could the the place of some male counterparts. I am thinking that we may be missing great doctors, engineers, directors…etc that are just not making it to the top and are being shadowed. People are better prepared with every generation and this could be the case: the female generation are so good that are much better than the same male generation, and those educated “traditionally” are not willing to “let women tell them what they have to do”. Something still has to change…

…And dont get me started with salaries comparison as this is just so embarrasing for people doing the same job getting paid far less due to gender. While ilegal (in many countries) it is a common practice in most companies of the “first world”…still a long way to go but I hope that with the next generation things will be better.

You can read the news about the attendance record for a female football match here (in Spanish):

San Mamés, con 48.121 espectadores, bate el récord de asistencia a un partido de fútbol femenino en España

Same news in English (thanks Google Translator):

San Mamés, with 48,121 spectators, breaks the record of attendance at a women’s football match in Spain



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