Brexit: The “Game of Chicken” coming to an end

With 10 days to the deadline nobody knows what is going to happen with the Brexit. Two long years of negotiation are coming to an end and it seems to me that have been wasted. What is even worse, both sides (UK andEU) are playing a very dangerous game: The “game of chicken”. For those that dont know this game I will explain as it is very simple: both players keep in their position running against each other knowing that the result, should they go to the end, will be desastrous. However, both keep their position hoping that the opponent will make the move to “avoid the crash”, escaping from a certain death. The first one to move and avoid will be the “chicken” as they winner will claim it is the best.

The Brexit “game of chicken” is similar except for a small variation: the UK is like a small British mini that is heading directly towards an EU Panzer VIII Maus ( German World War II super-heavy tank ). Needless to say that, in theory and as far as politicians are concerned, neither want a bad exit. However, not having an agreement or exiting the hard way will damage more the UK than the EU. At the end of the day, and being realistic, when many countries have to face a bad situation as one, the strenght put together will make them pass over whatever difficult situation. However, should the UK leave in a “hard Brexit” way will put extra pressure to all the English people, having to face a new economy, regulations and daily life in a way that they never thought. Brexiters argue that they survived WWII…but they forget they didn´t exist at the time and they forget to mention also that the allies help put the country together again after the through bombing.

I hope that these last 10 days put some common sense into those heads and come with some agreement. What I would not like to see is the usual rush in Brussels as when they come up with the news that a new deal has been reached during long hours of work at night in meetings lasting many hours. What good can come out of that? Are you really telling me that any person can work and argue for so many hours and not to be tired as to agree with anything as long as the discussion finishes? Hard and “funny” to see what the next few days will bring in the ping-pong game in between London and Brussels. There can be many plans that can be put in place, but those have to be agreed and it is not going to be simple after so many “alternatives” have been explored, but never realistic. As the EU chief Michel Barnier has mentioned once again: ‘If you want to delay Brexit, you need a new plan’

EU chief Michel Barnier gives UK ultimatum – ‘If you want to delay Brexit, you need a new plan’

And from a professional point of view the reality is that if politicians were holding any other profession, they would most probably be fired. I can not see, for instance, a project manager not delivering a two year project that is being in red for most of the time and reaching the end of the agreed time with the scope badly drafted, a bad solution to be put in place (if any), human resources scattered and not working all over the place and a communication worthy of the tower of babel…what a mess!!!! 


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