Quote of the Week: “この父…

2018-12-17 admin 0

この父にしてこの子あり。 Kono chichi ni shite kono-ko ari. Meaning: Like father, like son. Spanish translaton with no meaning: Como padre, como hijo. Dicho Español: De tal palo […]


Quote of the Week: “登りたい…

2018-11-27 admin 0

登りたい人がはしごを発明する。 Noboritai hito ga hashigo o hatsumei suru Meaning: People who want to climb invent the ladder. Spanish: Las personas que quieren subir inventan la escalera. Dicho […]


How Amazon Works

2018-06-01 admin 0

I found this story in the internet and I think it is worth a reading, at least to know how and why things happen. How […]